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Client-Centered Approach

Be Heard, Valued & Seek Truth

Our  approach at Saint Raphael Counseling encompasses both mind and spirit, as we use evidenced based therapeutic approaches and a spiritual perspective based in Catholic teachings and model of the human person.  

Bridge Over River

Couple's Counseling

Renew Emotional Connection

Are you tired of having that same fight with each other, never resolving the issue? There is help for couples and individuals to change that same old dance into a new way of interacting, that leads to a better understanding of the negative cycle that takes over and gets in the way of feeling safe and connected to each other.

Individual Counseling

Heal Trauma, Depression & Anxiety

Feeling alone, anxious, and uncertain in life's journey?  Find solutions, a sense of being grounded, and healing for trauma.  There is effective help for those who suffer from traumatic experiences, anxiety, and depression.

Catholic Christian Perspective

An Understanding Faith Perspective

Therapists are not to impose their own values onto clients.  And while there are differences among people of any given faith, there are specific and shared beliefs and understandings rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Therefore, many Catholics feel better understood and supported in their Catholic faith practice, with a Catholic therapist.


"To love is to will the good of the other."

Saint Thomas Aquinas

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